Trimmings and various

– and it is all salted and smoked the old fashioned way!

Vare nr. Smoked salmon (vacuum packed)
Trimmings (limited production)
Gram / Enhed Indhold / Karton
270 Salmon trimmings, Norwegian Salmo Salar* F. 250g 7,5 kg
269 Salmon trimmings, Norwegian Salmo Salar* F. 500g 10 kg
255 Salmon trimmings, Canadian COHO* F. 500g 10 kg

All salmon products is produced from Norwegian farmer salmon, Superion quality, from a few selected breeders and packing systems.
The salmon is dry salted and prolonged smoked in traditional stone ovens to achieve the highest possible quality.
The salmon is produced in the same way as done by Frederik Vilhelm Hyttel back in 1929 when the smoke house was founded.
The products produced by the old original methods are labeled: Hyttels Original