Hyttels Røgeri

Hyttels Røgeri A/S is owned by Lone Hyttel and Poul Jørgensen.
The smokehouse is a family business founded in 1929 and run for 3 generations.

Hyttels Røgeri A/S is a danish smokehouse producing hot smoked and cold smoked fish.
The main part of the production is salmon.
Approximately 70 – 80% of the production is exported primarily to Italy, to supermarket chains and to fish markets.

  • We are producing traditional and innovative smoked fish articles in high quality and with good keeping qualities.
  • We only produce and sell goods that we completely can vouch for the quality of.
  • We only use raw material of the best possible quality.
  • We only use few and well proven additives such as salt, sugar and spices.